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This guide covers the three subfamilies of the family Vespidae; Eumeninae (potter wasps), Polistinae (paper wasps) and Vespinae (hornets).



This pocket field guide provides a miscellany of the common kinds of wild and cultivated plants in South Sinai

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This illustrated guide presents 22 common birds occurring in Orabi area. The birds can be seen inside gardens and around.



This illustrated guide presents all 61 species of butterflies recorded from Egypt.



The guide provides a miscellany of the common kinds of birds, insects and other arthropods that live in South Sinai, together with some of the more interesting rarer types.

Books & Booklets
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The aim of this book is to try to record and document some of the environmental knowledge the Gabaliya Bedouin and provide visitors  with some idea of he richness of the plant and animal diversity. 



This booklet sheds light on the over- harvesting of toads for science work in Egyptian Universities.

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The aim of this book is to help you to enjoy more the most frequently traveled route, the 3 day trek from St Katherine to Al Galt Al Azraq, the Blue Pool. 

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This booklet highlights the ecological significance of St Catherine National Park. 

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This document sheds light on the effect of climate change together with other factors on the endemic Sinai Baton Blue butterfly 

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This booklet was one of the outputs of a project funded by the UNESCO in Egypt.

Reports & Papers
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2010: Mammals of Egypt
Atlas, Red data listing and conservation
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Butterflies of Egypt
Atlas, Red data listing and conservation
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Children's Books & Films
BioMap: 200: Egyptian (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 200: Egyptian (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 200: Egyptian (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2007: Egyptian Elba (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2007: Egyptian Digla - Journey to Wadi Digla Protectorate (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2006: An Egyptian Voyage - Miss Turtle's Journey to Egypt (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2006: Egyptian Farfousha - The Sinai Baton Blue Butterfly (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2006: Egyptian Bufo - The Egyptian Toad (level 1) - (level 2)
BioMap: 2006: Egyptian Naani - The Egyptian Tortoise  (level 1) - (level 2)
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