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Previous projects

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Biodiversity mapping in St Katherine Protected Area in collaboration with Operation Wallacea (2005- 2011)

The joint expeditions with Operation Wallacea lasted for six years 2005- 2011. The work was supported by the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs. The project was run through recruiting paying volunteers from the UK, USA and Canada. Them aim of the project was to support the work of the protected area by the help of volunteers lead by scientists.  

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Capacity building for Egyptian and Arab science based university students

The British Council has funded over a 100 Egyptian university students to join the OpWall expeditions. The project was part of their initiative to support mutual scientific and culutural exchange between Egypt and the UK. The work was extended to include students from other Arab countries in 2009. This project also supported the mapping scheme of the St. Katherine protected area.

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Training of local people of St Katherine on scientific surveys and identification and production of easy to use field guides for the fauna and flora of South Sinai.

Thid project was funded by the GEF - SGP. The main aim of the project was to empower the local communities of St Katherine by qualifying them to carry out surveys for different taxa. This was in attempt to sustain the mapping of the protected area and create a sense of guardianship over the local biodiversity. The second part of project was to produce two folding field guides for the fauna and flora of South Sinai.


Looking at the historical biodiversity and biogeography of some animals in Egypt: past and present.

This project aimed exploring the distribution of wildlife in ancient Egypt via the drawing on the walls of Ancient Egypt's temples and tombs.

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