On the light of hosting the COP14 in Egypt in November 2018, the minister of Environmental Affairs nominated Dr Emad Adly, Director of the GEF-SGP in Egypt, to be responsible for the youth and their participation at the COP. A number of steps have been taken: the GEF-SGP organized meetings with representatives from all universities around Egypt. During these meetings, experts gave an introduction on the COP14 and described all the proposed activities and events happening during the COP. The work is still in progress under the guidance of the GEF-SGP and in collaboration with the Nature and Science Foundation. Together we aim to raise awareness about biodiversity and the conference (COP), and to pave the way to active and effective participation of youth in biodiversity conservation in the upcoming years.



Accordingly, the GEF-SGP and NSF are working with university students on:

1- Planning events for the COP14

2- Guiding and communicating information before, during, and after the event.

3- Ensuring that youth participate in COP14 and present their work.

4- Sustaining the work after the event by establishing a number of NGOs to be lead by trained youth to support the biodiversity conservation in Egypt (mainly in protected areas).

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